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The Mexico UMF Team

The Angulos

Full-time missionaries with United Ministries Fellowship. They live in Magdalena, Sonora, and their fields of service are Magdalena, La Cebolla, Benjamin Hill and Ejido Leyva, SONORA; Mesa Colorada, Rancho de los Flores and Plan Oriente, CHIHUAHUA, and Cruz Blanca, SINALOA, and the audiovisual ministries. Juan is a graduate of La Puente Bible Institute of La Puente, California.

Mario and Martha have been part time members of our team for over thirty years. Mario was one of the first converts after we arrived in Guaymas back in 1973. He works as a self-employed auto mechanic for three weeks out of the month and ministers in the villages for the other week. Their fields of service are the prison in Guaymas, SONORA;  El Frijolar, El Pinal and La Trompa, CHIHUAHUA.

GUTIERREZ, LUIS, GLORIA, JOAQUIN, ANAI AND REBECA Luis is from the mountain village of El Naranjito, Chihuahua. He and his family now live in Yecora, Sonora where he is Pastor of Horeb Baptist Church. Luis and the church he pastors are in charge of the work in the villages of Mesa Colorada, Rancho de los Flores, and Plan Oriente, CHIHUAHUA.

Mario is the son of Mario, Sr. and Martha.  When he was twelve years old he started accompanying us on the village trips during school vacations. He is now a full-time missionary with United Ministries Fellowship. His fields of service are Guaymas, Empalme, Nuri and Cuba, SONORA, and El Chiltepin, San Juan and Saucillo, CHIHUAHUA. He is also doing some seminary studies in Culiacan, SINALOA.

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